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Metallic Cages - Metallic Envelopes

The technique of the metal cage is the most common procedure for applying an enclosure. At the brace’s corners there are four metal corner plates and some horizontal metal strips applied which are welded angularly for their enclosure. The gaps between the corners and the concrete are covered by non-shrinking plaster or epoxy glue.


  • Possibility of transport a section of the vertical loads of the column
  • Quick implemented technique
  • Appropriate temporary solution for the direct assumption of vertical loads on implements that were damaged and are no longer able to carry axial loads

The technique of the metallic envelope is the most practical way to impose the enclosure. This is the main reason why the application of this technique is spreading rapidly. This method comprises welding the metal plates (usually two plates whose cross section creates a Π on either side of the pole ), around the existing column, with epoxy resin. The plates are mounted in horizontal direction, thereby contributing to the element's enclosure and increasing its shearing strength.


  • The prevention of peeling the coating of concrete
  • The development of side support to the longitudinal reinforcement
  • The increase in strength and plasticity of concrete