Antiseismic EvaluationSpecific tasks - Modern laboratory

Our company features one of the most modern laboratories of antiseismic evaluation and structural behavior of constructions, which performs destructive and non-destructive testing on concrete (NDT) and masonry, and also develops tests in order to have the structural behavior of constructions been examined.

The laboratory of antiseismic evaluation contributes to the documentation and the development of technical knowledge, to improve the seismic behavior of constructions. It is a fully equipped laboratory with advanced machinery and equipment that meet European standards. The research projects that concern the impact of earthquakes and tremors in a civil engineer’s constructions are quite important studies for everyone's safety.

These operations are carried out by the non-destructive testers, featured in our lab, and include other than finding equipment, compressive and tensile resistances, machinery corrosion, carbonation of concrete, dynamic charge of the building in order to define the characteristics and its maximum responses. Also they include geophysical study of the subsoil foundation, for finding the soil's mechanical properties.

Generally, research projects are divided into the following phases:

  1. Scheduling the development of research projects, with our engineers’ assent.

  2. Performing the research work in our laboratory, under the project engineers' supervision.

  3. Evaluation of the research's results in our laboratory.