Cement - Resin InjectionsTechniques of Construction’s Repairs


Cement - Resin Injections

The technique of Cement Injections is used for the restoration and the reinforcement of masonry and stonework. It is a new repairing technique applied so as to achieve the welding of damaged concrete. After having sealed the joints of the masonry and having installed tubes on a grid, the content of the cement injection is prepared and ready to be used, in order to fill the gaps inside the walls.


  • Quick and safe repair of cracks
  • Reliable strengthening of construction
  • Complete restoration of underground walls
  • Easy stabilization of soils

The Resin Injections is a repairing technique, which is applied to restore cracks existing in the concrete. The type of epoxy materials - resins vary regarding their applications and characteristic properties. Firstly, the crack is sealed and there are nozzles placed at regular spots. Then the epoxy resin is injected and thus the cracked concrete has successfully been welded.


  • Reliable structural repair
  • Short time of completion (maximum: 48 hours)
  • They present little shrinkage and low degree of creep
  • Extremely high structural strength
  • They do not affect the dimensions of the components that are to be implemented