3D PanelsNew frame of masonry construction


Πάνελ 3Δ

The 3D Panels concern panels of expanded polystyrene and form the new frame of masonry construction. They are placed in conjunction with structural grid in and out of the frame, while the rest of the shell's coating process remains the same (plasters, painting, tiling, etc.). The 3D panels are mainly used for masonry in composed manufactures with structures of metal components, in the existing bearing organizations of reinforced concrete, for masonry of buildings with spraying concrete, to stone structures, and many others.

Uses of 3D Panels

  • For masonry in composited structures with load-bearing bodies (frames) metallic elements
  • In existing bearing bodies (frames) of reinforced concrete
  • For masonry of buildings with spraying concrete (wet or dry mixture of gunite)
  • For masonry of buildings
  • Buildings by injecting concrete into metallic or wooden formwork
  • Stone construction with metal frame or reinforced concrete
  • Transportable structures (rooms-homes-churches)


  • Lower manufacturing costs by at least 30%
  • Modern technology to industrialization of construction's worksite
  • Speed of construction
  • Architectural construction without any restrictions or any further charge to the cost of construction
  • Multiple application fields
  • Ability to build to the most inaccessible areas