Carbon Fibers Carbon fabrics - Carbon panel


Carbon Fibers (FRP)

Carbon fibers composites concern materials, which are manufactured by of carbon whose levels of strength are very high. Main application is to strengthen columns, beams and sheets, as they increase the bending and shearing ability of the supporting elements.

Appear in two forms, carbon fabrics and carbon panel. Both types of materials are glued to epoxy resin in the external side of the supported element. Carbon fibers are applied to strengthen columns, sheets, beams etc and applied with the help of special epoxy resins on one, two or more layers.

Compared to the traditional support interventions, such as adhesion of thin steel plates or sprayed concrete, fiber reinforced polymers produce equivalent results in terms of strength, while showing significant advantages.


  • Low weight
  • Easy installation and swift implementation
  • High tensile strength
  • Durable, resistant to moisture, corrosion and fatigue
  • Minimal alteration of architectural construction
  • They do not affect the static stiffness of the structure